Google Chrome blocca upgrade a Mac OSX 10.5

Google Chrome on Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) will stop receiving any updates following Chrome 21. This includes new features, security fixes and stability updates. If you’re not sure what OS version you’re on, go to the Apple icon on the top left corner and click About This Mac to find out. If you already have Chrome installed, you can still use Chrome, but it will no longer be auto-updated. In addition, you’ll be unable to install Chrome on any Mac still running 10.5 (which is an OS X version also no longer being updated by Apple). While we understand this is an inconvenience, we are making this change to ensure we can continue to deliver a safe, secure, and stable Chrome for the most Mac users possible.

Questo è il messaggio che si riceve quando si tenta di aggiornare google chrome su sistema operativo OS X 10.5, ora tutti i possessori di tale sistema operativo dovranno acquistare per forza la versione di osx 10.6 che costa circa 20 euro.

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